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Holy Trinity Baptist Church

The Holy Trinity Baptist Church of Amityville, NY, is the Christian results of a “Mission” that was formed during the year 1926, by nine persons, to minister to the sick and needy. Interest was expressed in conducting spiritual services. The Holy Trinity Baptist Church was the spiritual entity with Reverend W.P. Alston as its leader.

On Sunday, October 9, 1927, Holy Trinity Baptist Church was dedicated and it was incorporated October 11, 1928. In 1929, the original church building was erected and the cornerstone laid. The membership at this time included Deacon Joseph Young, the first deacon of the church; Matthew Kyles, Dela Slater, Lettie Cheatham, Lettie Kyles, Adele Alston and E.P. Greene.

Reverend Alston served as pastor for five years. In 1932, Reverend D. Brown succeeded him.

Reverend Brown's pastorate was a short lived one.

The next pastor to serve was Reverend A. A. Woods. During his tenure, the Eastern Baptist Association meeting was held at the church. A Building Fund Committee was established with Brother Matthew Kyles being in charge. Brother Major Braxton was elected treasurer. Major Braxton would go on to become the superintendent of the Sunday School. He held this position for 46 years until the time of his demise. Major Braxton also became an ordained deacon.

Reverend Woods served as pastor for eight years. In October 1968, he returned as guest speaker for the 41st Church Anniversary. The next pastors were: Reverend Epperson, who served from 1941 to 1946, and Reverend R. L. Smith, who was our leader until his tragic death in 1949.

The next minister to pastor Holy Trinity was Reverend Isaac T. Hayes. During his 12 years of pastorate, Holy Trinity entered into an important period in its history: renovation and expansion. Deacon Fleeford Howell was chairman of the Deacon Board and also served as chairman of the Building Council. Membership was officially established with the National Baptist Convention U.S.A. Inc., the Eastern Baptist Association and the Empire State Convention. Church membership increased to over 300 persons. This led to plans of expansion that were underway when Reverend Hayes left the pastorate in early 1962.

Reverend Spurgeon E. Crayton became our next pastor on June 10, 1962, at a time when the congregation was ready to build a new church. Ground breaking ceremonies for the new church, Holy Trinity‘s second, were on July 29, 1962. The lower level, which had permanent heat, a baptismal pool, a modern kitchen, a choir room, an auditorium and a pastor’s study, was completed on October 1, 1962. Worship services were conducted on the lower level while construction was on-going and until the entire church was complete.

The newly built church was completed on April 3, 1965. The dedication service was held on April 4, 1965 with Reverend R. D. Brown delivering the dedication sermon. The Cornerstone Laying Services followed one year later on April 3, 1966. In celebration of liquidating the mortgage and the burning of the papers, Sunday, October 27, 1974, was declared “Holy Trinity Baptist Church Day” in Babylon Township.

In 1985, under the leadership of Reverend Crayton, we were blessed to purchase the Church Annex. We became life members of the NAACP. Some auxiliaries organized under his pastorate were: Junior Deacons and Deaconesses, Sunbeam Choir, Inspirational Youth Ensemble, Scholarship Educational Assistance Committee and the Dramatic Guild.

July 24, 1988, Reverend Johnny D. Turner became the pastor. In 1989, under his leadership, stained glass windows were installed. Also under his leadership, a new copy machine was purchased and a computer system installed; the New Members class, the Board of Christian Education and the Bus Ministry were started. Reverend Turner would serve as pastor until January 1990.

November 1, 1992, Reverend Dr. Robert D. Abbott succeeded Reverend Turner as pastor. There were several improvements and renovations made under Dr. Abbott’s leadership. The pulpit and choir stands were enlarged. New railings were installed, the pews were reupholstered and the installation of the cross in the pulpit. We also installed a central air conditioning unit, a ramp for handicap access and a Public Announcement system. Two vans and a piano were purchased.

In 1995, we had the liquidation of the mortgage on the church annex. In 1997, during a ceremony that included town, church and community officials, Albany Avenue was renamed Major Braxton Memorial Avenue. In August 1998, Holy Trinity Baptist Church purchased a parsonage.

In April, 2010, Reverend Vernon D. Shelton, Sr. of Baltimore, MD was called as our tenth pastor.

He was installed September 19, 2010. Pastor Shelton’s vision for us is to be a 5-star church serving God with excellence. In keeping with that vision, there were major renovations made to the Sanctuary in May 2011. Under Pastor Shelton’s pastorate, over 150 disciples have united with us, 70 as candidates for baptism.

He has instituted a New Disciples Orientation as well as a Leadership Training Program.

We are humbly grateful to our Heavenly Father for all the blessings He has bestowed on us.

We give Him thanks for the experiences and the warm fellowships we have shared over the years.

We realize that it is by the grace of God that we have traveled this far together. Let us remember

that this building may decay; but the spirit will live, for this building, in truth, was built by God.



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