Holy Trinity Baptist Church - "The Church Under the Command of God - Commanding People to God"

Servant Leaders

Our Leaders and Staff are Committed to Serving God's People with a Spirit of Love & Excellence!
Senior Servant
Dr. Vernon D. Shelton, Sr. Pastor
1st Lady LaPrena Shelton
Ministerial Staff
Reverend Randy Lomax 
Reverend Charlene Coward
Board of Deacons
Deacon William Brown (Chairman)
Deacon Rogelio Mitchell (Co-Chairman)
Deacon Willie Greene
Deacon Henry Turner
Deacon Thomas Smith
Deacon Kevin Davis
Deacon Michael Guidroz
Deacon Wesley Warrick
Deacon Harry Francis, Jr.
Deacon William Rucker
Deacon Emeritus
Deacon Mayo Ravenell

Deaconess & Mother Board
Deaconess Regina Saunders (President)
Deaconess LaPrena Shelton (Vice President)
Deaconess Terry Porter-Louder
Deaconess Angela Davis
Deaconess Twander Warrick
Mother Hazel Howell
Mother Mildred Burgess
Mother Claudia Turner
Board of Trustees
Brother Maurice Evans (Chairman)
Sister Carol Vann (Co-Chairperson)
Sister Corrine Hinton (Financial Secretary)
Sister Brenda Stevenson (Treasurer)
Brother Andre Bell
Brother Marques Burgess
Sister Deborah Wood
Church Staff
Sister Jennifer Jones
(Administrative Assistant to the Pastor/Church Clerk)
Sister Twander Warrick (Assistant Church Clerk)
Sister Crystal Vann (Church Secretary)
Deacon Michael Guidroz (Sexton) 
We Are Here To Serve You!
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