Holy Trinity Baptist Church - "The Church Under the Command of God - Commanding People to God"

Upcoming Preaching Engagements


Sunday 9th, at 11:00am @ First Baptist Cathedral, Westbury, NY. Bishop Lionel Harvey, Pastor. (Pre-Pastor's Anniversary Service)
Saturday 22nd, at 9:00am @ Mt. Horeb Baptist Church, Corona, NY.
Rev. Gilbert Pickett, Pastor. (Black History Breakfast)


Sunday 2nd, at 3:30pm @ HTBC, (Usher's Anniversary).

Saturday 15th at 10:00am @ Antioch Baptist Church, Hempstead, NY. Bishop Phillip E. Elliott, Pastor. (EBA)

Sunday 23rd at 3:30pm @ Living Stone Baptist Church, Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Lemuel Mobley, Pastor. (Pastor's Anniversary)

Sunday 30th at 4:00pm @ Prayer Tabernacle COGIC, Amityville, NY.
Rev. Walter Willie, Pastor (Church Anniversary)


Maundy Thursday 17th at Gethsemane Baptist Church, Brooklyn, NY. Overseer Jason McCants, Pastor.  
Good Friday ~ 18th
 *9am @ Union Baptist Church, Hempstead, NY. Dr. Sedgwick V. Easley, Pastor.

*12 noon @ Antioch Baptist Church, Hempstead, NY. Bishop Phillip E. Elliot, Pastor.

7:30pm @ 1st Baptist Cathedral of Westbury, Westbury, NY. Bishop Lionel Harvey, Pastor.  

Sunday 27th at 11:00am @ Smithfield Baptist Church, Glouster, VA. Dr. Steven J Daniels Sr., Pastor. (Pastor's Anniversary)  


Sunday 4th at 3:30pm @ Victory Baptist Church, Brooklyn, NY. Dr. Marvin Gatling, Pastor. (Pastor's Anniversary) 

Saturday 15th at 9:00am @ HTBC, Hollywood Lodge Annual Recognition Breakfast.

Sunday 18th at 3:30pm @ Hope Missionary Baptist Church, Central Islip, NY. Rev. Lawrence Mosley, Pastor (Missionary Anniversary)  

Friday 23rd at 7:30pm @ Shaw Temple AME Zion. NAACP Youth Revival. Dr. David Robinson, Pastor.  


Friday 13th at 7:00pm @ Greater Christian Unity Missionary Baptist Church, Robbins, IL. Dr. Leandre Marshall, Pastor. (Pastor Anniversary)

Sunday 29th at 9:30am @ Abundant Harvest Ministries, Baltimore, MD. Rev. Stephen Lawrence, Pastor.
Sunday 29th at 11:00am @ New Hope Christian Baptist Church, Baltimore, MD. Rev. Robin Turner, Pastor (Pastor's Anniversary)


Wed 9th thru Fri 11th @ IBG Leadership Conference, in Stamford, CT. 

Sunday 13th at 7:30pm @ Eastern Baptist Association Annual Session (Opening Session/ Ushers) First Baptist Church of East Elmhurst ~ Host Church.    


Thursday 7th at 7:30pm @ First Baptist Cathedral of Westbury, Bishop Lionel Harvey, Pastor. (Outdoor Revival) 

Tuesday 12th at 7:30pm @ West Baptist Church, Brooklyn, NY. Dr. Alvin Barnett, Pastor.  

Sunday 17th 8am &11am @ Olive Branch Baptist Church, in Dinwiddie, VA. Rev. Kevin Northam, Pastor (Pastor's Anniversary) 


Sunday 7th at 4:00pm @ Faith Deliverance Christian Center, Amityville, NY.Dr. Jermaine Henderson, Pastor.

Saturday & Sunday 13th & 14th @ Union Run Baptist Church, Charlottesville, VA. Rev. Rickey White, Pastor. (Pastor's 25th Anniversary) 

Thursday 18th at 7:30pm @ First Baptist Church, Deer Park, NY.
Bishop Winfred Pippen, Pastor. (Pastor's Anniversary)

Friday 19th at 7:30pm @ Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Queens, NY.
Rev. Christopher Howard, Pastor. (Pastor Anniversary)  

Saturday 27th at @ Antun's Queens, NY. Dr. Alvin Barnett, Moderator of Eastern Baptist Association. (Moderator's Banquet).    

Sunday 28th at 4:00pm @ Living Hope Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, Dr. Patricia Rickenbacker, Pastor. (Pastor's Anniversary)  


Friday 3rd at 7:30pm @ HTBC, Empire/EBA Women's Aux Rally Service.

Friday 17th at 7:30pm @ Morning Star Baptist Church, Jamaica, NY. Church Anniversary.

Sunday 19th at 8:00am @ Macedonia Baptist Church, Far Rockaway, NY. Dr. Evan Gray, Pastor (Pastoral Anniversary).

Sunday 19th at 3:30pm @ St. John's Baptist Church, Westbury, NY.
Dr. William A. Watson, Pastor (Men's Day).   

Tuesday 21st at 9:00am @ Empire State MBC Convention, Syracuse, NY. 
Dr. Ronald Grant Convention President.   

Sunday 26th at 8am & 11am @ Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, Baltimore, Md. Bishop Leroy Gillard, Pastor.  


Sunday 9th at 4:00pm @ South Hempstead Baptist Church, Hempstead, NY. Rev. Phillip McDowell, Pastor (Pastor's Anniversary)

Friday 14th at 7:30pm @ First Baptist Church, Deer Park, EBA Board of Evangelism Revival. Bishop Winfred Pippen Host Pastor.

Sunday 16th at 11am @ Hope Missionary Baptist Church, Central Islip, NY. Rev. Lawrence Moseley, Pastor. (Pastor's Anniversary).  

Sunday 23rd at 4:00pm @ Macedonia Baptist Church, Harlem, NY. Rev. Isaac B. Graham, Pastor. (Church Anniversary)

Thursday 27th at 10am @ HTBC Thanksgiving Day Service.


Sunday 11th at 4:00pm @ Bethlehem Baptist Church, Brooklyn, NY. Rev. Larry Camp, Pastor (Leadership Day)

Wednesday 17th ay 7:00pm @ First Baptist Church, East Elmhurst, NY. Rev. Patrick Young, Pastor.

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